Friday, November 2, 2012


Another Friday, another finish...this one was 10 years in the making.  Yes, I am a turtle when it comes to cross stitch.

I decided against framing it and turned it into a small wallhanging instead.  Now the question is, will Himself give up a smidge of wall space for it considering alot of the walls in our house are covered with car memorabilia.  We shall see...

On the Co-Defendant front...

Here's The Diva in her Halloween finery.  Easy-peasy costume and a great stress reliever hacking it into shreds at the bottom.  Yay, Mom!!

She's a ghost if you can't tell, but now that I really think about it, she could blend in with all those Occupy Wall Streeters.  At least she didn't poop on the pavement though, right?!  If her attitude holds up, next year she's going as a witch.  I already have a broom in the garage with her name on it!

Captain Studly is grooming himself to be the next James Cameron as he has discovered a love of movie/video making.  It's all very artsy-fartsy...heavy on the fartsy.  Can we just say he's thirteen and leave it at that?  He also garnered himself a compliment from his principal about how much he's matured/what a nice young man, etc, etc which made me ask incredulously 'My kid?!'  I know, I know...bad mommy! 

If I can make it through the work weekend, I'll have off seven straight days.  No one better get sick.  As it is, Himself will be with me at least part of that time, hopefully with his head under the hood of his hot rod.  No, that's not my smarmy way of saying my skirt.  I have a stack of stuff that needs finished and more I'm just itching to start.  He's been warned to steer clear of me and call for takeout. 

Pray I show some restraint and stick with the WIPs!

I'm linking up to Richard and Tanya Quilt, Confessions of a Fabric Addict and Crazy Mom Quilts.

Have a fantastic weekend and keep on stitchin' y'all!



  1. oh,I have a wall-hanging I really need to finish cross-stitching that was started when Heather was a toddler - and she'll turn 21 in just a while!!! egads! You've inspired me to find it and resurrect the project.