Thursday, November 25, 2010

I (Think) I'm Thankful

Ah, Thanksgiving 2010. I'd like to say our day started off well, but for those who know us, who am I kidding! The day started with piercing screams (the kids', not mine), a fist fight (again the kids, not me), a bad dog (just what is the attraction of a foam faucet cover?) and more screaming (me this time). Which begs the question: For what am I thankful? So in a half serious-half attempt-at-sanity-saving, I offer you the following items for which I am thankful...

An Ode to Thanksgiving

Togetherness; therapy (probably a result of the first)
Humor (God's which seems in an abundant supply and mine which I occasionally dredge up)
Adderall XR (you gotta live it to get it)
New day, every day
Kindness of strangers (and family, but they're just strange, not strangers); and kids
Second chances; my sweet spouse; sweet potato casserole
God's grace (thank you, Lord, that it's a bottomless supply)
Imagination aka creativity
Vino (Dulcis Rosso, if you're curious)
Infinite patience (God's, not mine)
Nickelback (hey, I said "half-serious")
God's mercy and everlasting love

I hope you see the humor here; and yes, I'm serious about each and every thing I've listed. I hope your Thanksgiving finds you surrounded by loved ones whether they're living or in your memory. And that you don't have to referee any fist fights!