Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Blessings

I hope you're stuffed full of turkey, pumpkin pie and lots of love today. 

Do you have room left over for some prayers and have you counted your blessings?

I'm lifting up some folks today who need some good news...

J's mom, who has brain cancer
L's husband, who has throat cancer
A's husband, who lost his job

As for blessings, The Co-Defendants will try and say 'Nintendo DS', but y'all know what I mean.  So, here's my short list...

God.  I'm grateful he doesn't shoot lightning bolts from heaven like I thought He did when I was a kid.

The Co-Defendants...even when they don't get along (that's all the time) and roll their eyes (that's all the time, too) and when they grant me hugs and kisses (under threat of severe embarrassment)

Himself...I'm a lucky devil (so's he)

And Lulu (even though I don't like dogs, you're my favorite child...just quit pooping in my laundry room.  On second thought, if you gotta go, linoleum is THE place to do it..thanks for being so considerate)

Blogging buddies!  Those sweet folks who remind me I'm never too young to get checked for cancer (thanks, Mary!); that God's got it covered so quit worrying (thanks, Etty!) and that I'm not a total loss in the mommy department (everybody)!

And before anyone goes and gets all offended, yes, I'm grateful for extended family (sorry no pictures...they're all too scary...just kidding) and my job (again no picture, but no one needs to see my boss, do they?)

Count your blessings, squeeze your loved ones (at least until they shut up or go to sleep...just make sure they're still breathing) and eat more pie!

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all!

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  1. I am grateful for many things, too and for you, who brings a grin to my face when I read what you wrote. Did you get your baseline, like I badgered you??? Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

    BTW, I didn't have one smidge of turkey or pumpkin pie. Had to work. Felt a little sorry for myself.-