Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween WIP

Call me a witch, but Halloween holds as much appeal for me as going to the vet does for the dog.  Perhaps it's the crush of whining little ones every. where. we. go or maybe it's the obviously frazzled parents accompanying them, each wearing an expression that says they'd rather eat ground glass than be trolling for candy.  Or perhaps it's just the thought of a quirky holiday in which we celebrate children begging for candy (much like mine do every time we're at the grocery).  Whatever...The Diva's terribly excited about all that free candy and I'm looking forward to soaking my sore foot when the whole thing's over and done with. 

I successfully managed not to fall down all day and got my 10 year cross stitch WIP almost done.

I'm turning it into a wallhanging.  All that's left is to stitch down the binding.  I briefly thought of doing that by machine, but oddly enough, I really like stitching it down by hand.

Well, I must hop on my broom as we scour the countryside for treats.  Happy Halloween, y'all!


  1. Nice job. I have a friend that made the same deal with her kids every year. She let them dress up and go to their grandparents and McDonalds. Then she gave them each $10 to spend on candy at Wal-Mart. She came out ahead on gas and aggravation and there were plenty of people to ooh and ah over the rugrats.

  2. Wonderful counted x-stitch. I haven't done it in years, but always enjoyed it.
    I like Purim better than Halloween. The kids dress up in costumes and deliver candy to others, rather than beg for candy. It's much more fun.

  3. Nice job on the cross stitch. I have one that I finshed the work on a couple months ago, that took 12 years. I haven't framed it yet, because it is not a standard size and I have a hard time paying over $100 to custom frame it. I may have to do somethng similar with mine. I took my youngest two kids trick or treating to about 10 houses and then let my teenage son take the 8 year old. That was enough for me.