Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Diva Will See You Now

Or maybe it's more accurate to say The Diva CAN see you now.

Last week I had a curbside conference with The Diva's teacher who expressed concern that perhaps an eye exam was in order.  I smiled, thanked her and pulled away, chuckling under my breath that my kid surely had enough sense to say 'Hey, like, you know I can't see...right?'

So, not being a parental slouch, I scheduled an eye exam, still chuckling that her blurry vision would turn out to be the result of seasonal allergies.  This is Texas, after all. 

After being put through the equivalent of the Eye Olympics and spending enough dough to make a dent in my fabric budget, I give you...

The Diva


She couldn't stop reading billboards as we drove around town.  'I can see tree branches!' she exclaimed.

Maybe now she'll be able to see to pick up her room.



  1. I remember how wonderful it was when I got glasses (after failing the screenings at school 3 years in a row and my parents never being informed). For the first time I could see the bus 1/4 mile away instead of a yellow blob. And, I could see leaves on the trees--I thought trees were more closely related to skin--that we see the cells/leaves when they fall off but on the tree they were more like skin.
    And, yes, I loved being able to read billboards--or, in those days, Burma Shave signs!

  2. I was in the third grade when I first got glasses. The first day I realized that grass was made up of individual blades. And I also saw billboards for the first time driving home from the optometrist.

  3. I was in college before I knew. I couldn't see the chalkboard either. And it was also amazing how I could read signs and the clocks. I also stopped driving off the road into snowbanks! You ask how this could be? You don't notice what's not there! And it creeper up slooowly.

  4. LOL...I remember well my first pair of glasses. My mother didn't walk and I was accustomed to walking all over town. I was rather surprised to find that the signs over the stores SAID something and weren't just big blurry blobs of color.

    Glad the teacher took the time to carhop.

    I have a friend whose daughter has macular degeneration. She was totally blind in one eye before they discovered it. She was that good at compensating. Children are such smart little buggers!

    p.s. Diva's glasses look suspiciously like my first pair in 1971!

  5. Thanks Ladies, between this post and your comments I feel like a better mom! I also did not realize how badly my daughter needed glasses until she was in 5th grade, as we were driving home and she was listing all the things she could now see I just felt worse and worse. Good to know I'm not the only one to miss the visually challenged right in my own home. Now if anyone else has a story about a parent making their beloved daughter walk around with a broken bone in their foot.....

  6. Well Miss Diva- I think you look adorable .