Thursday, October 18, 2012

Totally Tearful Thursday...Pass The Kleenex

This morning, Captain Studly and class left for two days of adventure in south Texas, including a trip to tour NASA.  'Excited' does not begin to cover how enthusiastic he's been for WEEKS about this trip and getting away, even for just two days, from the old Ball and Chain (that would be me and Himself).  I can say with total honesty that The Diva does not miss him.  The dog will park her furry white hiney by the door until he's home.

Y'all, it is horribly quiet around here.  Although, at thirteen, he's become a functional mute (unless you count the grunts he now employs in lieu of actual verbalizing), at least I know he's still in the house.  As much as I grouse about all the crap he pulls and his eyeball rolling and his snarky teenage comments, I miss my Beanie.  If this is a precursor of what's to come when he leaves for college, I fear I'll have to knock over a convenience store or two..or ten.. to pay for all that Xanax.  Then again, I get that same feeling when I think he may never leave home.  It's true what men say...women are never satisfied.

He'll be back tomorrow night and I'll be back to bitching about everything Captain Studly, but in the meantime I am a sad sack.  And no, I haven't had my Xanax.  I'm saving it for college.

Y'all, I CLEANED OUT MY CLOSET TODAY AS A DISTRACTION.  Do you know there's actual carpet in there?  Is that a sign of a sick mind or what?!  I stopped myself before I snatched up the mop but it was a battle of epic proportion.

Okay, enough of're some things currently in progress from my sewing corner.

That's me, before Captain Studly left, quilting the Albatross.  It's about 90% quilted and I cannot wait for it to be OH-VER!

I chose to quilt it with straight lines (I believe the modern quilters call them 'organic lines', however, I just call 'em straight...whatever works, right?) mainly because I can't free-motion quilt on my new boy-toy there in the picture.  Captain Studly's just grateful it's almost done.

I also have another rag quilt to snip and then it too will be finished.  Rag quilts are very forgiving and go together very 'em!

Well, now that I've snivelled and whined a bit, I feel better. 

Happy Thursday, y'all!


  1. Hope the Captain has a good trip! Three years ago my son moved five hours away for college, he's a couple hours closer this year but I still really miss him. Thank goodness for texting and Skype!

  2. I think that's one of the weird things about being a parent. You cant wait for "free" time and when you get it you actually miss your kid!

    Snivel away - we know exactly how you feel. Meantime he isn't thinking of you at all!