Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Dirty House Equals Quilting Fun

Although the castle is in desperate need of a good swabbing, a girl must have her priorities.  So in lieu of doing the whole dust/mop/vacuum routine, I did what any good housewife would've done.  I quilted.  Lucky for me, I married a man who cleaned his various college apartments one time each...when he moved out.

I finished a couple of rag quilts (photos to come once I get all that clipping done) and have blocks ready for another.  I had a few leftover blocks of the flannel to make The Diva a doll quilt for one of her Beanie Babies.  You'd've thought it was made of gold the way she carried on about it.  It's nice to know I still got it enough to impress at least one Co-Defendant.

The boy-toy (I'm really gonna have to come up with a good name for him) and I spent quite a bit of time together yesterday and in the wee hours of the morning working on Captain Studly's Albatross quilt.  No pictures of this one yet as Himself stole my camera so he could take pictures of his car engine.  Don't they all look alike?  Whatever... 
Charming, isn't he?
It's about 90% quilted and I am continually reminded of why I loathe quilting anything of significant size on a home sewing machine.  Geez, I hate rolling and scrunching all that fabric to get the darn thing finished!  But, as Captain Studly is so quick to remind me, it's for a worthy cause.  What a guy!

Happy quilting, y'all!


  1. I was thrilled to see you have your priorities straight- quilting over housework any day!

    Im a huge fan of rag quilts , they come together fast and they look adorable. By the way I'm crushing on the bear in your header , I LOVE chenille !

  2. It's good to have a dirty house. It's more important to be a happy quilter!