Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring Break Finish

Whew, I made it!  Another Spring Break successfully completed without parental meltdown or trip to the local emergency room...I am The Mominator!  (For some reason this doesn't bring to mind Arnold as the Terminator, but rather Dom DeLuise in Gumball Rally...can you tell what DH likes to watch?)  In betwixt train ride, zoo, movie and endless in-and-out-the-backdoor-trips (I'm considering in all seriousness a revolving door to the backyard), I still managed to get a lot of sewing and crafty stuff accomplished this week.

And yes, I kept a tally...did you doubt it?

* Ten quilt backs cut/pieced

* Two New York Beauty blocks made

* One quilt top completed

* Two kids doors decorated...what, you thought their names really were Co-Defendant #1 and #2?

* Two sojourns to quilt shops...screw that New Year's resolution!

And all without benefit of Xanax or alcohol...but a heckuva lot of chocolate and caffeine.  Damn I'm good!

I'm linking to crazymomquiltsWhoop Whoop Friday, and amylouwhosews.

Happy quilting, y'all!


  1. hahaha. You just got yourself a new follower. I am chuckling already.
    Nice quilt, btw.

  2. Great week! You totally made me laugh out loud! Love your quilt, bright colors really grab me! Whoop! Whoop!

  3. Great job! I keep a tally, too. It comforts me at 2am when I'm ripping stitches out of some other project.... ;-)

  4. I love to see another Mom who doesn't take herself or parenting too seriously! Good for you on all of that Spring Break quilty-goodness. Ours is in 2 weeks and I'm already battening down the hatches...wish me luck!

  5. Busy lady. You must have Dom's cape and mask, to get sew much done.

  6. Ten as 10 quiltbacks? Seriously?? You're good! :) Your quilt looks great, I'm loving the colors already!

  7. I love this quilt design in such happy colors! Thanks for linking up! And way to be productive during spring break!

  8. Congratulations and a big Whoop Whoop to the Mominator! You rock!!

  9. HaHa!! You had me cracking up about the Xanax comment, I know what cha mean!!