Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tap-Dancing Tuesday

I love finding items that make me smile, especially when they're made specifically for kids.  Somehow being  an adult in possession of what is usually considered kid stuff just brings out my sneaky inner child.  Who can resist something you know wasn't intended for boring old adults?

I was rounding up items for the kids' Easter baskets this afternoon, when lo and behold...sewing inspired erasers.  How fortuitous, squeals Sneaky Me!

Good grief, I need to vacuum

A couple of spools of thread, a dress form and a tiny sewing machine.  Do you think I'm turning these babies over to a kid so they can be ground into oblivion...perish the thought!

And to top off my day, what did I find waiting in my mailbox?  SQUEAL!!

It's the new book out by Amanda Jean from crazy mom quilts!  If you've never checked out her blog (whatdya livin' under a rock?), go here

Happy quilting, y'all!

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