Monday, March 5, 2012

The Week Thus Far

I know, I know it's only Monday but if this is what the rest of the week's gonna be like I'll have to break out the Xanax...again.

Paige and I dropped in on a new church yesterday.  I am a terrible mother.  We read Bible stories, we have long discussions about what Jesus would want us to do, but we don't go to church and I often ask myself if God's everywhere why go to church.  Well, duh you heathen (I'm saying this to myself, mind you) it's about community...everyone's slogging through the same slime and in a church family you've got someone to lean on that's been there, done that.  It was a lovely sermon, the people welcoming and the music very nice.  And I got to have Communion which I haven't in ages.  I guess I should be grateful the place didn't cave in on me.  In addition to the scripture lesson, I learned something it a life-lesson if you will.  Hugs from church ladies are like contractions: they gather in frequency, are inevitable and you best just roll with 'em.  I got my fair share yesterday, from total strangers...and it was nice :)

I'm guessing that yesterday was the slow build-up to the absolutely craptastic day I had today.  I'm sorry folks, but it sucked monkey nuts!  I'm standing there in my little corner of hell when the phone rings and the voice intones Mrs. Bowen.  This is it, the-just-lay-it-on-me-and-finish-me-off to what had been nothing but a series of sucky events.

I started crying.  Yes, I am a sissy.  A smart-aleck, but a sissy nonetheless.

As it turns out, it was (brace yourselves) GOOD NEWS!  An anonymous donor had paid half the kids school tuition for the next month.  O. M. Golly-gee!  Didn't I get the note he wanted to know.  Why, no, I didn't because it's probably in the bottom of #1's backpack but I'll take it anyway...WHOHOO!!

So, after we hung up I proceeded to really bawl like a baby.  Sissy.

In my mailbox this afternoon was a lovely bundle of fabric happiness from my blogging buddy Miss Betty in Louisiana.

The bulk of it is already cut into strips and I'm plotting a Christmas-y jelly roll type quilt already...heehee!  Thank you, Betty!

I firmly believe there is a God (that's a capital G, by the way) and that He speaks to me.  For some reason, I've always waited for a big, booming voice and a Gibbs from NCIS-style head smack when all the while, He's whispering and tapping me on the shoulder.  The events of the week so far prove that He's all about the little big fireworks display for Him and that I need to pay closer attention.  So, I'll start my week by saying thanks to Him for sending blessings our way everyday even when I'm too thick-headed to notice and to our family's anonymous benefactor and to Miss Betty for her well-timed care package.

Please remember in prayer my Quilting Corner friends who've lost a special friend, Renee B and remember too that it really is the little things that make a big difference whether you think so at the time or not. 

Your friendship means the world to me, you guys.  Thanks.


  1. What a wonderful day you had!!! Awesome to have someone pay a month of the school bill .I know how that was years ago with my two kids !!
    Your very welcome for the fabric!!

  2. Hmm. I don't feel so bad about not going to church. I'm glad though, that you did and got your share of church lady hugs. (Love the contraction analogy)! And I'm glad that blessings have come your way.

  3. God's whispering is a whole lot more effective on us than his booming, isn't it? Makes you remember to stop and listen for Him once you have heard Him. Continue looking for him in those Little Old Lady hugs. Good for everyone.

    What a blessing from your anonymous benefactor. It speaks well of your family that someone did this for you. I could already tell you are great!

    Love the Christmas fabrics. Can't wait to see them worked up.