Thursday, March 15, 2012

Fort Worth Zoo And A Quilt Shop, Too

DH drove the family to the Fort Worth Zoo yesterday as part of our Spring Break adventures.  How do people drive, day in and day out, in traffic like that?  Makes me grateful we live in a smaller community and don't have to deal with all that, although DH says five o'clock is a nightmare...eek!

Anyway, I'll spare you pictures of the animals (I mean, how many different shots of lions, tigers, and zebras can one person possibly stand?).  And let's just say amor was in the air for the inhabitants.  I haven't covered the kids' eyes that much since the last scary movie we watched!  But I will show you pics of my sweet family...yes, contrary to what I may occasionally lead you to believe, they are relatively sweet individuals.

Co-Def #2 riding the carousel

#2 and I on the Yellow Rose

DH and Co-Def #1 enjoying the train ride back to the entrance

I love the last picture...the chick in the background has that deer-in-the-headlights expression..bless her heart!

DH topped off the day by braving the metallic honking masses to get me, his sweet darling bride, to a quilt shop.  I assured him he could take the Co-Defendants elsewhere to avoid the dreaded I'm bored, but he assured me with traffic like that, he wasn't budging!  It was the worst 45 minutes of his life ;)  Thank goodness I didn't take any longer or medical intervention may have been necessary!

Happy Thursday, y'all!

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