Friday, March 23, 2012

Grow Up And Hold Your Horses

Today's installment of Friday finishes is a tad bit of quilting with a heavy dollop of kid.

First, the dollop.  By now, you probably know I refer to my kids mostly by the shared moniker of 'The Co-Defendants'.  They have names that I occasionally use on this blog and I few I use only under my breath...schmitty mommy that I am.  Anyhoo, Seth, that would be Co-Defendant #1, had a checkup the other day in which he sauntered back to the waiting room and informed me, rather smugly, that he was now 5 foot 2 inches tall.  Do what?!  I'm 5 ft 5 1/2. 

He's twelve and wears skis for tennis shoes. 

Now, you might be thinking Criminy woman, would you get to the quilting point already but let me stop you here and say...patience, Grasshopper, patience.

He was my 4 lb 1 ounce, 17 1/2 inches long little bundle of joy that brought me gifts even before he arrived...yes, I am referring to morning sickness and stretch marks, but gifts nonetheless.  Go to the grocery and pick up one of those 4 lb packages of sugar and that's how much he weighed.  He was a newborn yesterday and now he's almost thirteen.  Pass the Xanax!

Gone now are thoughts of Would you grow up already! to be replaced by Hold your horses!  I am entirely too young and fabulous for him to be that old, not to mention that tall.  He's my baby, he's not supposed to be able to look me in the eye.  I snark at him to eat healthy so he'll grow taller and catch up to his Dear Sweet Mother...he's still probably wondering who she is.  Geez, Mom it's only three more inches he says.  It's three AND A HALF came my reply.  The little darling.

This picture isn't quite accurate since the little toot's slouching, but he's almost got me.  Handsome devil isn't he?  He gets it from his mother.  Okay, and Dad, too.  He'd never be one to stir up trouble, not with that angelic face.  Did I mention I'm now a pioneer at his school (hangs head in hands).  Don't ask, just pray.  Really, really, really hard.

Okay, now for the quilting.  I have the most miniscule finish in the History of Ever.

I got this paper-piecing kit (admit it, you're shocked that it's yet another paper-pieced project) in a goody bag from a quilt retreat way back and thought how cute it was and what fun it would be to make.  Apparently, the giver knew something I didn't since it was passed along complete with fabric.  I won't tell you what I think this looks like because what I think is just plain tacky (smirk) and it was the biggest waste of time.  Whoever came up with the pattern needs to be taken out back and given a good old-fashioned whoopin'!  It finished at roughly the size of a mug rug and my Mom thought the addition of the dragonfly button really 'made it'.  Not sure if this is her polite way of saying That's really ugly and I'm just trying to be nice or what.  At this stage, I'm not sure I'll make its companion or not.  We shall see.

So what've you been working on this week?  Check out these fun links at Crazy Mom Quilts, Confessions of a Fabric Addict and Amy Lou Who.

Happy quilting, y'all! 

And remember, it's three AND A HALF inches...just sayin'.


  1. I don't care what you or anyone else thinks about that lil' rug mug- It is too cute! I love it! LOL.

    (No, REALLY- I do!)

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Boys are so feisty and funny aren't they though!! Did you at least have fun with that paper piecing I hope;)

  3. Hint: Have him sit down when you talk to him...wait...he's 13...Sorry, No that age they don't stay still, ever! Also, a finish is a Finish...

  4. It's a finish - which is more than I posted.

    Gosh, you have cute kids!

    I personally am 5'4". My older two were taller than me when they were 11 (they grew early). Now, number three gave me a break and he waited until he was 13 to pass me up. They are now 5'11", 6' and 6'1". The key is to never be intimidated.

    I have heard that I am a "feisty little woman". I have also heard, "I don't care how little she is. You do NOT want to cross that little woman!" Fear isn't always a bad thing! But respect is even better.

  5. I love that cute little pear! The pattern does look a bit fiddly, though. But I think the colors and fabrics are perfect!

    xo -E

  6. LoL I love your sense of humor! And I think the little mug rug is really cute, too. I made a whole wall hanging last year that possibly included that very same pear... nope, I just checked. Mine didn't have a leaf. lol

  7. Well, it's a cute little mug rug, with or without the dragonfly! But the big whoop whoop should go to that handsome young man you've been working on for 13+ years!!