Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Co-Defendant Style

I rushed through the front door this afternoon to hear the teacher's voice leaving a message on our answering machine.  Oh, the unbridled joy!  I quickly snatched up the phone, sat down and said with resignation 'I'm here...what's going on'.  Yes, I have a PhD in Scholastic Interpersonal Relationships.  Does this make me a crappy mother that I expect the worst, or what? 

The voice on the other end cheerfully (dare I say she chirped) explained that it was good news...didn't all parents like to get good news? she asked.  Well, heck yes, but it's just never been in regard to one of my kids.

She used words like conscientious, good listener, role model, mature.  You know, words that have heretofore never applied to my son.  I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop, for the 'however...' but it never came.  I replayed what was on the answering machine to him when he got home.  It rated a smirk and a grunt.  (Insert twirled finger and 'big whoo' uttered in a thoroughly bored tone here)

Apparently, he's growing up (fist pump and sniffle) and she just wanted to let me know how well he was doing.



  1. Does this change his status as co-defendant?

    1. It's too soon to tell...I'm afraid they may be stuck with that tag forever!

  2. Looks like your doing a good job there!!!
    A very handsome son too!

  3. That was nice of her to take the time to do that. Boys really aren't that bad.....most times! I survived raising three. Number three turned 21 last Tuesday. You and he are both doing fine.