Wednesday, February 8, 2012

WIP Wednesday: February 8, 2012

Yep, it's one lonely placemat...the sum total of what I've accomplished since last Wednesday.  But one gal's lonely placemat is another's 'holy crap, look at all that quilty bounty!'  I confess, I really like handstitching my quilt binding.  Call it cathartic, my little slice of quilty Zen, my zero-calorie scrumptious fabric treat, call it weird.  Whatever!  It's progress and it's all good!  I even managed to work on it while cheering on my son's basketball team...stitch-cheer-scream at opposing team's coach to get off the court already-repeat.  How's that for multi-tasking?

The heart pattern is from Carol Doak's book Show Me How to Paper Piece.  Have I mentioned before how much I love paper-piecing?  Yeah, I thought so.  Some folks are really intimidated by it which gives me a chuckle because I can paper piece, people, how hard can it be?!? 

Here's a shot of the back...

Lollipops, anyone?  I also tried something a little different when I went to quilt these babies.  Instead of marking my lines with a pencil or disappearing marking pen, I used (drumroll, please) masking tape.  I learned two things by doing this:

1) You get nice, straight quilting lines without the worry of 'will the pencil/pen marks wash out'

2) Masking tape, even when you DON'T sew into it, gums up your needle and makes your stitches skip

So, will I be using it again...probably not.  Actually, no.  But it was worth a try, right?

On the home front, my son's school basketball team finally won a game...WHOOP!!!!

This is the only shot I'm allowed to show you, 'cause geez Mom it's like totally embarrassing since you're gonna put this on eBay and all.  I didn't have the heart to tell him it was my blog and not eBay...would anyone on planet Earth pay to put up with all his drama and sarcasm?  I think not.  I wonder where he gets it from? 

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Happy quilting, y'all!


  1. Very pretty! I love the little flowers and I totally get the Zen of hand stitching your border. But I don't think I could do it while watching basketball. I get too emotional. Seriously, the ref's and the coaches are all idiots, are they not?

    1. I managed to sew without impaling my hand...probably not the smartest idea but I had to distract myself before I lost my schmidt altogether. What is it about kids' sports that brings out the worst in grown folks?

  2. I think it is cute and very cheery. Ummm....I am one of those people that doesn't paper piece. It looks to me like it would just frustrate me. That said I did get a QuiltSmart Lone Star for Christmas that I am going to try.

    As the mother of three sons who at one time had them playing on seven teams at one time, I thoroughly understand the frustrations and need for self control. One coach I knew would give me his infant because I stayed calmer holding her.

  3. I'm torn on hand stitching the bindings. It's nice to sew something away from the machine, a movie is my choice. But with bigger projects, it's nice to just get it done!
    Love the little hearts, super cute!

  4. I am sure the front to the placemats was more work but I like the back equally well. And, yes, I agree. I too would rather be happy than dignified! Your placemats support that statement exceedingly well. HOT PINK HAPPY and LOLLIPOP LAUGHING! I am a real fan of pin dots and polka dots, too. Well done!

  5. The placemat is darling. Hope you'll make more.
    My kids were into basketball too. They just could never
    get on a winning team. I remember those days so well. Both boy and girl wanted to be pros!