Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Of Progress and Razzberries

It's not been a very productive week quilting-wise, but for whatever it's 'tis.

Now, before you go and say 'Stephanie, you showed us that picture last week!' I'd like to point out that last week all the rows weren't sewn together and the remainder of red border hadn't been sewn on.  Perhaps I'm splitting hairs here but cut a girl some slack!  The other twenty plane blocks are finished and now it's on to the borders.  Al-most there...

On the home front, the dog's gotten her spring bath (it's 81 degrees today-yippeee!) and the school has let it be known that Co-Defendant #1 makes some fairly awesome awful, horrid, disgusting fart noises with his mouth that will not be tolerated in this establishment!  I'm just glad he hasn't taken up biting the head off kittens or something, you know, REALLY offensive.  Mind you, his class is made up entirely of boys.  Hey, maybe they could form a barbershop quartet...throw in a few armpit farts and I bet they could bring the house down with their enthusiastic rendition of My Country 'Tis of Thee

To channel my inner Charlie Brown...oh, good grief!

I'm doing the link-up thing with freshly pieced's WIP Wednesday...happy quilting, y'all!


  1. I so didn't think it was the same picture. Really.

  2. I could see right away it was together now.

    God love boys because the schools don't. I guess that is why they have mamas.

    Eighty-one degrees? God bless Texas. I hope it is warm when I am there next month!