Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Stash Management...A Quilting Gallery Linky Party

I confess to being absolutely, shamelessly anal when it comes to organization...a place for everything and everything in it's place?  Oh, yeah, you betcha!  So when I saw the post on the Quilting Gallery site about fabric storage and stash organization, it was like a siren calling to a sailor.  Just remember: one person's 'obsessive' is another's 'serene' ;)

My sewing 'room' is a dinky corner of the dining room...not much space at all and everyone and their dog (well, at least OUR dog) thinks they have to be there with me so I won't get lonely.  Lonely?  How's this possible with all that fabric to keep me company?

My entire storage system consists of two main sections: 2 bookshelves divided by a Hoosier cabinet that's been in our family for ages and a storage cubbie.

I got the idea for fabric folding from American Patchwork and Quilting (I think...heck, I can't remember the names of my two kids half the time)...you just fold the yardage over a 6 inch wide ruler, then fold in half again making all the cuts uniform.  The truly massive cuts I just left on the bolt.  I organized the solids/patterns by color; the rest is by theme (floral, kid, western, etc).  And yes, I unfolded and refolded countless fat quarters so they're all the same dimensions and fit neatly on a couple of stackable kitchen shelves I got at the local big box store.  The bottom canvas totes house all my kits (I. can. never. die!).

The Hoosier cabinet is perfect for all my precuts and panels which I store up top while the lower pull-down bins have cuts of batting and I can keep extra notions in the drawer which has tons of built-in dividers.

And to keep things from getting boring (as if that were possible, but still, just to be safe)...

...a little eye candy!

The cubbie holds all my books and plastic lock-top totes for scraps and projects I'm about to start.  I divided my scraps the same as with the bookshelves, by color or theme.  And I do so love me a label maker!

If I've inspired you to get organized, great!  If I've scared the bejeebers out of you and made you think thank you, Lord, I'm not her, that's okay too!!

I'm linking up to Mishka at the Quilting Gallery.


  1. Wow, I have major stash envy, it's fabulous. I love to have things organized too, sadly I'm not quite there yet. The fabric isn't bad, it's the scraps and tools and notions that need some help.

    Thanks for linking up to the party.

  2. This is now my 4th attempt to comment on your post but I've switched computers so hopefully there won't be an issue this time!! You've totally inspired this girl with your neatness and tidiness (and my what a beautiful stash collection you have!!) I so wish I could be organized but it never seems to last very long. Thanks for sharing your space-- now I want to go tidy up mine!! And I am a big fan of labelmakers, too!!

  3. Hmm....that messes with my claustrophobia and makes me hyperventilate. I don't like to see things above counter top height. I will stick with my color coded totes that I have stored safely in closets where I don't have to see them. I do have to unstack them to get to the bottom one on a regular basis. Why is the one I want always on the bottom?

    Nice job. Glad it makes you happy.

  4. If you ever get tired of organizing your stash, please feel free to come to my house for an extended visit. Please!!!! I have just about decided it's a losing battle to really, really organize my stuff. I get it all nice and neat but then a creative frenzy hits me and all my hard work flies out the window. Good for you for getting, and staying, so neatly organized.

    Aunt Doris