Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday? GACK!!

Let me be blunt...

I. HATE. FOOTBALL.  With a passion usually reserved for spiders and snakes.  Ya'll know I'm a huge hockey holds zero appeal.  I am grateful, however, that my home will not be Party Central for any sort of football revelry.  Dear Hubby's only request was for sandwiches and 7 layer dip and I happily accomodated him.  I thought it would be nice to make a pan of brownies to serve with ice cream for the kids.  THIS is what happened...

Do you know HOW this happens?

Need I say more?  Co-Def #2 swears she didn't do it, but when asked if they tasted good she squeaked out a pitiful yes.  DH was out mowing the grass and I was running errands.  It was either her or the dog (whom she kept trying to blame, I might add).  I imagine this is what the surface of the moon looks like, don't you, with all its craters.  Gee-ma-nee!

Brownie thievery aside, I've been busy at my sewing machine this weekend and am almost finished sewing the binding onto my placemats.  I can tack down the backside while waiting in the pickup line at school or during #1's basketball game on Tuesday.  Yay!  It feels so good to finally get something quilty accomplished!

Happy quilting, y'all!
P.S. It's now 7:54 pm Super Bowl Sunday and I'd just like to say OMG DAVID BECKHAM IN HIS TIGHTIE-WHITIES!   I loooooove Super Bowl commercials.


  1. In my house I am Co-Def #2. I have a tendency to immediately want to eat brownies when they come out of the oven. She looks sort of guilty but very happy. Brownies are happy making.

    1. Trust me when I say, the happy FAR outweighs the guilt! And brownies are best right out of the oven. I once made them with extra crunchy bacon...sounds gross, tastes DIVINE!!

  2. David Beckham - SWOON! I had the nerve to schedule a sewing class (accidentally) during the Super Bowl, and listened to my family whine all week about who was going to make the Seven-Layer Dip. "Well, it has seven ingredients, and here they are..." They didn't think I was funny. Anyway, I ended up cutting my class short and scheduling a one-on-one with the teacher later, came home and threw some bean dip in the oven, and was able to see Mr. Beckham in all his tattooed glory. Holy $%&*!, if there was any way those underwear could tranform Mr. Any Mouse, I'd go out and buy a truckload RIGHT NOW.