Friday, February 10, 2012

And Then There Were Four

In between all the hustle and bustle that is running a household, working, and yelling at my kids (and if you believe their story, this is what I do all. day. long), I managed to finish up my set of four extremely loud placemats.....yipppeeeeee!

The tops are all the same, but the that's a different story (hee-hee).

I'm so thrilled to get these done and be able to move on to the next project, which given their attitudes this morning, seems to be refereeing the children.  Have a great Friday!

I'm linking up to Can I Get A Whoop Whoop? from Confessions of a Fabric Addict and Finish It Up Friday from crazymomquilts

Happy quilting, y'all!


  1. Those are adorable!! I love the little hearts. Too funny that the title of our blog posts are the same, made me chuckle :)

  2. I only have one child and I spend enough time yelling at him, mostly to listen to me! Love all the different backs on your placemats, very colorful.

  3. Great job! I love the fabrics! Whoop Whoop!

  4. Love these cute place mats! The backs are very creative. I'm glad I hopped over from Sarah's Whoop, Whoop Friday!

  5. Those are wonderful placemats! Love that the backs are different. Whoop whoop!!