Friday, September 21, 2012

While The Cat's Away...

Mama Mouse will play clean out the cesspool that is The Diva's room!  This is exactly how I pictured spending my day off...along with doing laundry, swabbing toilets and generally picking up the homestead.  I have threatened, pleaded and bribed.  Today, I grabbed a Hefty trash bag, checked that my immunizations were up to date and entered The Pit.  Even Captain Studly's room isn't this bad and he's thirteen!

After two hours, the trash bin was well fed...
The neighbors gave me a funny look when I took this picture

and I'd barely made a dent.

I'm not even counting the stuff I smuggled into my trunk for donations.   But, do I feel guilty?

  That's a negative, Ghost Rider.   The Diva wanted to know if I'd thrown out her most favorite stuffed animals.  No (that's the truth).  Did I throw out other assorted treasures?  No (that's a lie).    Can I live with it?   You bet your happy hiney.   TGIF, y'all!


  1. I remember those days so well. Of course, here we are years later, and if I turn my back, she's decided I don't need something that's mine!

  2. Wow! Now thats getting down to buisness mom! Talk about "getting it done"!

  3. The room looks great but no posts in a week....did the Diva get revenge on you in some fashion? Hope you are all doing well. Trust me when I say the Diva will soon replenish!