Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thankful Thursday

God bless the Canadians!  Hell if I know if they invented hockey, but bless my soul, are those players ever hot!  Big, rugged burly men on skates smacking the crap out of one another with stick or fists?  How can you not love that? 

And now there's one more reason to celebrate the awesomeness of my northern blogland buddy, Melanie.

Melanie, how did you know my yesterday was crap?  The package arrived today and I held off on opening it for THREE SOLID HOURS.  How's that for restraint?!  Alrighty then!

I feel rather sheepish since all I sent her was one measly pincushion and look what I got in return...

The lighting doesn't do it justice.  Moose pencils for me and the Co-Defendants; button push pins; bath salts with a message on the back "For days filled with crooked seams, lost points, or when the school calls!"; and two my moi and one for The Diva.  I love the cathedral window pincushion and have got to try to make one myself.  The Diva snatched up Thing One and Thing Two so fast, it was a blur.  Perhaps she recognized kindred spirits.  I am truly spoiled...and I like it!

Thank you, Melanie, so much! 

I'm so blessed!


  1. How sweet of her to think of the CDs, too. Looks like you all made out like bandits! Congratulations and enjoy. You deserve it.

  2. I agree..those hot sweaty "dudes" smacking the hell out of each other....absolutely divine!! We used to have a team in Southern California called the "Ice dogs", it was so much fun to go watch, I miss that. You really made out with your goodies, that cathedral pincushion is really cute!!

    1. Here's Julianne proving that you CAN use the word 'dude' in the right context! You go, girl!

  3. Aww thanks, I think I made out like a bandit cuz I got a lovely pincushion AND a sweet blog post about our swap too! It's nice to know I can make someones children happy.
    I've sat through many hockey games in the last 25 years between my husband and son and aside from having to smell the stinky equipment as we drove home, well that and having to constantly buy new goalie equipment for a teenager who insisted on growing, it was pretty fun!
    Thanks for swapping with me!