Sunday, September 30, 2012


Photo courtesy of Bing

Well, at least I didn't lose my schmit during what turned out to be a week-long blogging absence.  Nah, I just spent it plotting packing for and then attending a quilt retreat with my mom and aunt.  I'm not sure who was more excited to see me pull in the driveway...the Co-Defendants, Himself, or the dog.  There's more mud in my house than out (thank you, God for the rain!) and I feel like I've been run over by a bulldozer from lack of sleep, but what the hell, it's only once a year!

I didn't get a ton accomplished, but I'd say I made a fairly respectable showing.

All Thursday afternoon I worked on this quilt top which was for the kids' school fundraiser...last year.  Ahem...I finally finished it at the ass-crack of dawn on Friday; that's roughly 2 a.m. in case you're wondering.  And yes, that's a technical term.

Considering the one I did get finished for the fundraiser only brought in a paltry sum, this one's gonna get donated to a local shelter.  No, I'm not still pouting about that.  Much.

Friday, in between breakfast, a nap, lunch, a nap and dinner, I managed to get a grand total of 338 sashing and print strips paired up and stitched for a bed quilt for me and Himself.  It helps I already had everything precut, but I was never so glad to put away those batiks and not touch them the rest of the weekend.  Hey, I'm pacing myself!
An aerial view
Side view

This is the pattern I'm using...

Himself vetoed the pink sashing by making some snarky comment about the connection between the color pink and gonad shrinkage.  Yes, I married myself quite a commodian.  That's a toilet humorist in case you're wondering.  And yes, that too is a technical term.

There's more to show and tell, but I am exhaustipated and I seem to be growing a 60 lb dog out of my armpit as I type this.  Lulu Foo-Foo is apparently feeling quite neglected. 

I'll be baack...

Photo courtesy of Bing


  1. Welcome back! Looks like you had a blast. Tell Himself that the pink phenomenon is a myth. Through an ordering error we ended up with a mauve carpet in our bedroom (it was supposed to be a brick color) and I can attest that there has been no shrinkage.

    I am sure LuLu and the others are glad to have you back if only to shovel out the mud!

  2. " the color pink and gonad shrinkage. LMAO~!!!