Sunday, September 2, 2012

(Not) Quilting The Albatross

Photo courtesy of bing

Apparently I'm not meant to quilt Captain Studly's airplane quilt as all my efforts at getting the #@*&% thing done have been twarted.

See, I got it on the frame...which only took me 45 minutes.  I sold my spleen to buy Masterpiece and The Bottom Line threads.  Actually, that's not true...I hijacked the Bottom Line thread from my mother.  Oopsies!  I prayed 'Please Lord help my shoulders relax, my stitches to be even and my thread to not break'.  If it didn't go against all my religious beliefs and good old-fashioned fear of what happened to those poor bastards in Pet Sematary, I'd've sacrificed something small and furry.  And yes, I know Pet Sematary was about burying a beloved pet in a cursed graveyard and having it come back as a killing machine...just work with me here, okay?!  Anything to get this damn thing finished!

I changed the needle, cleaned out the machine's innards and oiled it up like a Chippendales model before a calendar shoot...all this BEFORE I loaded the albatross onto the frame.  Did it work?  Hell, no!  Haven't you been reading?!  I got all the cloud fabric quilted (one pass on the frame) and encountered thread breakage three times before I decided 'screw it, I'm throwin' it on the Featherweight!'

So then it became a matter of removing it from the frame...funny how unloading it only took 5 minutes.  Damn quilting trolls!

Look what I discovered as I was unloading the top...

That's the batting literally shredding pulling apart a cotton ball!  I suppose now I should say 'thank you Lord' for not letting me get any farther into the whole tortuous process.  I've used this company before, just never this type of batting.  Never again, I tell you!

So, an hour of the frog stitch later and it's all unquilted, ready to be pinned (ick!) and loaded under the lead foot of Lennie the Featherweight.  She's gonna kick quilt butt!

Where's the wine?


  1. If you'd had Fil-Tec Glide thread on top and bottom, you'd be done with that quilt by now and would not have to got through the drudgery of pinning and stuffing it through the head of a featherweight!
    (They don't pay me to say that--but they do happily take my money for thread--which is much better priced than a lot of the more famous brands.)
    Seriously, I fully understand your frustration and am sorry you experienced that.

  2. LOL! You GO girl, kick that quilts booty! I know you can do it!

  3. What a trial! I hope all goes well on the featherweight. I so wish I had a long arm with frame. At least I did until I stated hearing so many thread horror stories!

  4. I have a longarm that I cant even use...its brand new but I just cant get it to work right...all I do is fight with the store that sold it to me, I am trying to get their butts up to my house to make sure I have it all set up correctly..what a pain in the A$$!!

  5. I am sorry for your difficulties. I swear each time I use mine I learn something new. It is rarely a simple process but it beats the hell out of using a domestic machine (for me!). Curious what type of batting that was. Definitely a problem! Does your mom's machine have a stitch regulator? Hope today is going better with you and Lennie.