Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sweet 'n Sour

Now don't y'all go thinking that the post title is referring to the Co-Defendants!  Oh, wait, that was my thought...hehe.  Ahem... 

It's Wednesday and I have a WIP to show you!  This is but one in a ginormous pile of WIPs tops, not to mention those I've already quilted that need the threads tied off.  Ugh!  There're parts to this quilting hobby that are nothing but pure unadulterated drudgery.  Where's the Quilt Fairy?

But, I's my WIP for Wednesday...

This is what happens when I get bored and decide to take a couple packs of charm squares and just run 'em through Lennie the Featherweight like Kirstie Alley through a bag of potato chips.  I'm still trying to decide on borders 'cause this girl is a wee mite skinny.  The quilt top, not me.

I like how it's turning out, though...all those funky patterns and pops of color.  And I love white in a quilt.  I know some people think it's nothing more than a distraction and utterly ruins a quilt, but white has its place.  Don't knock it!

On a side note...did you notice those tiny spots on the concrete? Yep, those are raindrops. This is August in Texas. I. am. excited.  And yes, this is the highlight of my day.

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  1. Love that quilt top...purdy colors! Kirstie Alley and a bag of chips! WAAAAHAAAAHAAAAA!!!!

  2. I used to despise the drudgery tasks (tail-tucking, binding, etc.), until I looked at them as excuses to watch movies or shows on TV. Once I focused on the movie-watching aspect, the drudgery tasks just became background motions that resulted in finished projects as bonuses to movie time. :D

  3. Hey, rain always makes my day too, no matter what time of the year it is! I love rain :) Oh, and I love your quilt too - a quick quilt is always so gratifying!

  4. Thanks for the laugh for today!! :) I always love your sense of humor!! I love your quilt top-I think the white really makes some of the patterns and colors pop-don't let anyone tell you anything different! ha!