Thursday, August 16, 2012

Save The Pincushions!

You know, like 'Save the Whales'?  Oh, never mind...

I'm now down to TWO pincushions I'm willing to swap with someone, anyone to save them from the fate of disappearing into the abyss I call Co-Defendant #2's room. 

I can't tell you which ones are left because Mickey T and Melanie have already staked their claim, but I think they're all pretty cute.

Any takers?

Save the pincushions!


  1. I read your first pincushion post the other day and was debating jumping in [I've only made one pincushion in my life], whilst debating I cut off part of the tip of my pointer finger with my rotary cutter! So having decided that my quilting life could easily be cut short by my terrifying clumsiness I would like to go for it if you don't mind waiting for my finger to heal lol.

    1. I've done that twice; once while cutting fabric and once while cutting a bagel in half...though not with a rotary cutter ;) Fortunately, I still love quilting and eating bagels (now I just let an adult cut them in half for me!) And does it ever hurt like a son-of-a-gun! Send me your email address since you're a 'no-reply' blogger and I'll be patient ;)

  2. Melanie, don't let that slow you down. My worst "event" required a trip to the ER and 8 stitches but it is fine now. Hardly even notice it. Of course, I had to give up my career aspirations as a hand model. I think I did that in 1977 when I cut my left forefinger to the bone with a steak knife!