Tuesday, August 21, 2012

One Happy Mother

I'm not entirely sure if they're just shinin' me on, but the kids swear they're ready for school to start tomorrow.  I know my parents are certainly ready since they kept the two money pits little darlings all. summer. long.  My mother swears there were times she thought she'd lose her schmidt.  I told her 'don't feel bad.   I lose mine every afternoon between 4 and 7'.

Captain Studly has a total of two, that's TWO kids in his class and that's counting himself.  The other mom remarked she hoped both boys would be super smart by the end of the year because it's almost like being homeschooled.  I'm already feeling sorry for their teacher not to mention that this is her first year at our school.  Pray for Mrs. H, y'all, she's gonna need it.  I'm not sure how many are in The Diva's class, but if last year was any indication, she'll have around eight.  Her teacher is a hugger.  Instead of a nice handshake greeting, I got the churchlady hug.  That's probably a cover for when she tries to strangle the kids, but hey, whatever works.  Private school is totally worth selling that kidney.  Just kidding.  Well, almost.

To celebrate the end of summer mourn the start of the school year, I took them to a local bookstore and turned 'em loose then took them to Chili's for dinner.  If eating with the senior citizen crowd in the late afternoon means getting seated without standing for 45 minutes nose to scalp with someone who hasn't shampooed since Noah set sail in the ark and having a waiter practically chained to your table because there's nothing else for him to do, I'm all in.  That. was. awesome.  Why, no, it doesn't take much to impress me!  How could you tell?
He looks so put upon, doesn't he?  She said she was trying to strangle him.  Do I miss not having any siblings?  Not a chance in hell.

And here's me in my annual pose, I kid you not, wishing and hoping and thinking and praying...
Please, Lord, let this be a phone-call and run-ins-with-holier-than-thou-mommas free year!



  1. Ahhh...theres my funny gal! I know you're secretly "stoked" about school starting!! I just know it!! Time to sew sew sew girlfriend!!

    1. Yeah, my son remarked that I was acting a little 'crazy' this afternoon...I can't help it; I'm just sooo happy it's time for school again! WHOHOO!!

  2. Looks like CS will either be first or second all year. WTG!!!

    I think they look cute. He has such gorgeous eyes. The girls have to be noticing that one.

    I rarely got phone calls. I got letters....threatening suspension, or being kicked off of the cross country team (female AD saw him on a public road w/out a shirt on!). Except that one time....that was other parents calling about what the teacher did to my son......he no longer teaches. Enough said.

    Enjoy your sewing time!

    1. Mary, I have learned to dread the ring of the phone and being called 'Mrs. Bowen'. Mrs. Bowen is NEVER good news. Your comment gives me hope though that they'll make it through just fine.

      He does have gorgeous eyes, doesn't he? He has long, thick lashes to match...girls (and moms) would kill for 'em.