Friday, August 3, 2012

Funky Number Thirteen

Break out the Clearasil and lock up your daughters 'cause Co-Defendant #1 is celebrating birthday number thirteen and is he ever excited!  Frankly, I think the kid just needs a straight-jacket...
This is what I get for saying 'Don't look like a serial killer!'

No longer does he want to be referred to as 'Co-Defendant #1'.  He's been working out (with a 5lb neon pink handweight...sigh) and bulking up for the babes he's sure will be knocking down our door at any moment.  He is...Captain Studly!

He still has somewhat of an aversion to soap and water and generally feels that dousing himself in Axe body spray counts as personal hygiene.  Somewhere out there is a clueless girl who will marry him (hey, I'm not gonna warn her!)...and hopefully make him bathe.

His room is still a cesspool, but I content myself with the fact that his bedroom does have a door and I have enough sense (and sense of self-preservation) to close it.

It's not possible for him to be thirteen.  Then again, he told his sister it was entirely possible because I give them the best gift of all each year. 

I let them live.


Happy birthday, Captain Studly, from your mother, Wonder Woman!


  1. He is a cute kid, and yes, the girls will be knocking down his door. They can be very aggressive you know. Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy birthday to your Captain Studly. As a mother of two boys (21 & 18) I know of what you speak ;-) I am a big believer in closed son's room requires HazMat gear to enter!!

  3. Happy Birthday, CS! He will amaze you in the years to come. My own ladies' man will be 26 on Sunday. His room was a cesspool until he decided to clean. Then it was better than I would do.

    The best was when he wanted something and would clean the kitchen while I was at work. You could do surgery in there when he was done. Sometimes it worked to get what he wanted. You might let CS in on THAT secret.

  4. I've had a difficult day [week]. You made me laugh. I feel much better now.
    Thank you for letting Captain Studly live!

  5. You're in big trouble!! Captain Studley is a cutie pie!!