Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Zero to ZZZ In Sixty Seconds

My blogland pal, Mary, of Made With Love By Mary fame posted today about a linky party by Bonnie K. Hunter titled What's On Your Bed? and I thought I'd join in the fun.  Both blogs are awesome so be sure to check them out.

As I was perusing all the links over at Bonnie's, I couldn't help but notice how lovely, tranquil and dignified everyone's choice of bed quilt seemed to be.  Like Mary, I give most of my quilts away and I've yet to make one for our bed.  I'm a little leery of using an inherited quilt for fear of harming it, but I've been known to throw one on from time to time.  Anyway, here's my little contribution...

Although, it's not made for our king-size bed, Dear Hubby still huddles under it every night especially when I crank down the air-conditioning to meat locker temperature.  I made this quilt several Christmases ago for DH who is absolutely, positively car crazy.  I was rather stumped for backing fabric because I didn't want to do more cars so I dragged him kicking and screaming into the LQS and this is what he found...

Come bedtime, this quilt is totally on his side of the bed since I'm fairly certain I'm perched on the precipice of perimenopause and am hot-flashing like nobody's business.  It's just as well, though because pin-up girls just aren't my thing.

Happy quilting, y'all!


  1. I can't help but admire your husband's taste. What is a hot flash? My husband is still waiting on the promise of them. I sleep with a double folded quilt on top of my side of the bed!

  2. Great choice!! And very cool quilt!! Hugs

  3. That is so funny! Love it! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wow, that's a pretty amazing quilt backing! Glad the quilt keeps him warm when you don't want one! (Yeah, unfortunately, I do know just what your talking about--on, off, on, off, etc. all night!)