Saturday, April 14, 2012

A New Habit

No, I'm not entering a convent.  As Blanche Devereaux from the TV show Golden Girls once famously said about becoming a nun, "There's that word 'none'".  I'm talking about healthy habits that involve things I hate like leafy greens, spandex and sweat.  Blech! 

I've always liked this quote attributed to Joan Rivers:
I don't workout.  If God had intended for me to bend over, He would've put diamonds on the floor.

But, as a co-worker earnestly stated during a discussion of healthy living and exercising, babies need their mama.  Too true.  Mind you, I'm one of those folks that jumps right into any new endeavor, makes a go of it for about a week and then quits because I get burned out, bored or hurt.

I'm forcing myself to go slow (and I don't like it, not one little bit) and have successfully managed to walk a mile a day since the beginning of April.  I know it's only been fourteen days, smart aleck.  If I wanted sarcasm, I'd talk to the kids!!

Where was I?  Oh, yes...

So, fourteen miles in fourteen days with that same voice whispering for me to skip it just this once which leaves me to snark back Doom on you, devil and I walk anyway.  Did you feel the Earth shake this afternoon?  Yep, I RAN...not the country, I mean the exercise.  Yeah, that was me, running a whole 4/10ths of a mile...whoop-dee-do!  I just kept asking Jesus for a little more wind beneath my wings.  Frankly, I think He put His hands on my back and gave a good shove.  Whatever works, right?

I'm trying not to think ahead and plot plan my next healthy habit, which is really tough since I like lists and planning and being organized.  I've got another couple weeks to hustle onward before the month is through.  I've already lost three pounds and I'm trying not to think of all the ones I still have to lose.  Ugh!  I really hate to sweat and look absolutely wretched all red-faced.

If you made a 30 day effort to forge a new habit, what would it be?  Feel free to share in my misery.


  1. I would give up sugar. I wouldn't replace it with artificial sweetener either. I mean totally give it up. I always mean to but so far I have not.

    My BFF - I can say that since we have been friends since we were 16 and we are now, God help us, 47! Anyway, after I spent a night at the hospital with her when we thought she was having a heart attack she decided to exercise (walk). She is using an app on her phone to track her time, milage, etc... It posts to FB daily so she is "helped along". I think it is called RunKeeper.

    I should do this. I have walked half marathons in past. Just not in the past 4 years.

  2. Great job!! and three pounds from just walking is great! You've inspired me to pick up my old walking habit and make it my new one. Thanks!

  3. Good For YOU!!! At the beginning of January I was on a team for a local Community Health Challenge for 12 weeks. With some cash available to the winning teams, there was a definate incentive to motiviate for this. I lost 16 lbs-granted, I know I could have done better now when I look back, but I remind myself, had I not joined the challenge, I'd still be carrying thouse 16 lbs around. Since it was over, I've lost a couple more pounds. My next goal is to complete a 5k around the beginning of June and then another one at the end of summer/early fall and knock 10% off of my first time when I complete it. Which means I need to get in the habit of running during my walks-which will take me at least the next 30 days to get comfortable with wanting to run in a public setting! eek! Keep it up!!! :) You can do it!!! Can't wait to see what your next healthy habit will be!

  4. Thanks for the encouragement, ladies! I managed 8/10ths of a mile small chunks. Geez, if I'dve run the whole 8/10ths at once I'd be dead about now. Trying NOT to think about tomorrow!