Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A WIP Of A Different Type

I haven't done any quilting this week as I spent a great deal of time just cleaning up my sewing area and then packing for a quilt retreat this weekend.  I was going a little stir-crazy so I pulled out this cross-stitch kit that's been in the works for ages and have made a bit of progress.

The design is by Nancy Javier and Barbara Finwall of Banar Designs; the kit was purchased through Better Homes and Gardens.  The entire thing reads Having a place to go is home; having someone to love is family; having both is a blessing.  I'll probably have this completed by the time #2 graduates from high school.  She's seven...and yes, I am that slow.

My Mom's finally on the mend.  She had, in her words, a 'touch' of pneumonia.  Isn't that like being a little bit pregnant?  Anyway, we're both ready for retreat.  I managed to whittle what I'd be taking down to three projects...all of them in various stages of completion.  I'm taking my Featherweight, one small tote with my projects and another stuffed with clothes.  It looks so paltry but I always complain that I take waaaay too much stuff with me and wind up disappointed that it doesn't all get finished.  My mother's harping at me to pace myself.  Wish me luck!

I'm linking up to WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced.  Go check out what other crafty types are up to this week!

Happy quilting, y'all!


  1. Have a great time on the retreat! I hope your Mom continues to get better.

  2. Glad your mom is on the mend. Sounds like you are taking a resonable amount. How long is retreat? do you have access to a shop if you need it?

    That looks like counted cross-stitch. I have done some but nothing big. I get distracted. It is pretty. Keep working and you can give it to #2 for a wedding gift some day!

    Have fun at retreat!

  3. I have the article from an old magazine to order the pattern, but it was from 2000. Have any idea how I can order pattern? I have looked under Better Homes and Gardens and Banar designs. Link the article gave no longer works.

    1. I'd reply by email but you're a no-reply blogger, soo..tTry contacting Banar designs direct...everyone's got a website these days, right?! I did that with with a company that I bought a kit from and they didn't include the directions in the darn thing! You could try eBay or Amazon. Let me know if you come up empty-handed. Good luck!