Saturday, October 15, 2011


How many of you quilters put a label on your quilts?

I can count on one hand how many times I've done this.  I occasionally will sign my name and date on the back with a Sharpie and then heat set it, but even this is not my habit.

Do you label them all, even the ones for charity organizations, raffles, etcetera?  I think my name and date are sufficient, but I frequently get The Lecture about about being remembered by future generations.  I don't think my own children even realize I have a name other than 'Mom'. 

Does it really matter?


  1. It really depends on who they are for and if I gave the quilt a name or not. I have an embroidery machine and sometimes embroider a label.

    It is something my husband and I disagree about. He thinks I should just put my initials and the year. I made one for his sister and it had the quilt name, my name and the date. She loved that part. I made one for a friend and put nothing on it. She was disappointed.

    So, I suppose I think you should put something on them somewhere. Most artists sign their work. Why shouldn't we?

  2. Thanks for the input, Mary. I have a hard enough time picking fabric and pattern. Having to choose a name would send me over the edge, I'm afraid! But I can see how the info would be meaningful to someone very close.

  3. Upon completion of my husbands Cowgirl quilt, he told me I needed to start labeling my quilts, or at least putting my name and date on them for future generations. I about fell on the floor when he mentioned that to me. I'm almost ashamed he is more of a sentimental person than I am! Needless to say, his quilt does not have any sort of a label or my name or date.

    The quilt after that I completed for our friend for his birthday ended up with a label or more or less a short note-Happy Birthday ..., Sept '11, Love Eric & Sam.

    I believe that as Mary said, it really depends on who it is for, and yes-artists always sign their work. I will at least put my name or initials and the date on each finished project from here on out, if it is more of a personal quilt or something i have a name for, I will make a more detailed label.