Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fall Quilt Retreat

I love fall.  Even though living in Texas means the leaves don't really change color, unless you count varying shades of brown, at the very least we can count on cooler temperatures.  Hey now, don't knock those high temps of 86 degrees!  In Texas, that is cooler.  Fall also means Nancy's annual quilt retreat at Compass Centre in Mt. Calm.  I missed last year, opting to go elsewhere for retreat and wound up getting really sick.  Who says there's no such thing as karma?

Mom and I spent Friday through Sunday with 22 ladies and 1 courageous man (bless you, Mr. Bill) and managed to get more done than we would've had we just stayed home.  Nothing beats having someone else cook and clean up after you for an entire weekend!  Being able to pee without interruption is just a bonus...if you don't have kids, you simply cannot appreciate this.

Generally, I get a lot done at these shindigs, however, because I'm on a mission to reproduce my son's airplane quilt to replace his tattered, beloved one made by Gramma,  this retreat proved to be an exception.

I managed to get the quilting and binding completed on my batiks miniature (sorry, no picture but I did post the completed top awhile back) and finished the top for my crazymomquilts 36 patch quilt along.  Go, me!

And, because my daughter said a quilt looks better when she's in the picture, I give you....

Such a modest child, I have...the little darling.  And, yes, she's wearing shorts.

The remainder of my weekend was spent making these...

...a big-assed stack of 56 paper-pieced airplanes.  For one weekend, I was Tippie Hedren in The Birds only my birds were aircraft.  By Sunday afternoon, I wanted to jump from a plane but, by golly, they are done ya'll!  I think Seth's rather pleased...

I am exhausted, but it was so much fun...and did I mention I got to pee by myself.  Yep, it was worth it.

Happy quilting, ya'll!


  1. WOW!! You did all 56 od them in one weekend!!! Thats awesome !!! I can tell he will love his quilt!!!!

  2. All. 56. Of. Them. Betty! My forearms felt like I'd done hundreds of pushups, they hurt so bad...that's what I get for being so industrious, I guess!