Sunday, October 16, 2011

Blood, Sweat and Beards

Clint and I skipped town yesterday afternoon and headed north to Dallas for a night out by ourselves...and okay, I admit it, a night away from the Co-Defendants.  He cancelled car show plans to do this because I've been in an awful funk and he wanted to cheer me up.  What a guy!

Yes, I took a picture of the Dallas skyline.  Call me odd, but I think it's really pretty, especially at night. 

I absolutely love hockey and am a devoted Detroit Red Wings fan, but Hubby wasn't willing to spring for  game tickets and airfare.  Not to mention the fact I'd have to tranquilize him to get him on a plane.

We sat waaay up in the high up in the stands that the players looked like ants.  Frankly, this doesn't bother me as you're pretty much assured you're not going to wind up with a puck in the  face or have a guy come crashing through the glass to land in your lap.  Although, some of them were pretty cute so I wouldn't have been entirely opposed to the latter.  Smile.

Faceoff at center ice to start the game...see, told you they looked like ants!  This was only Game 5 of the season so there was very little fisticuffs...only two instances of glove dropping and face punching.  I was, I'm ashamed to admit, vastly disappointed.  That's all part of the experience, otherwise it wouldn't be hockey, it would  Although, Tiger Woods may disagree.

I look like I've been caught doing something illegal; he looks like he's been on a bender.  We were also freezing our butts off!

They wound up winning 4-2 over the Columbus Blue Jackets which is a miracle because they played most of the game like they'd left their man-cards at home.  The peewee group that played during one of the intermissions showed a little more spunk.  Dear Hubby sat silently through the whole thing...mostly I think just to hear and watch me make a fool of myself, screaming at the top of my lungs and jumping up and down.  Hockey season is one of the only times Hubby doesn't reached over, pat my knee and whisper vehemently SHHHH!  


  1. Probably not the best picture of the two of you but you both look cute! Glad you had a getaway.

    Hockey?? Never seen it myself but my BIL is sure it is the game for him. Not only do they encourage fighting but they give you a stick to do it with.

    My husband has been knowing to do the "SHHHH!" to me at high school ballgames. My kids didn't even play!

  2. Mary, there's no 'probably' about it...the picture stinks!! DH has sent me to the car during football games because I'm 'too loud'...I thought you were SUPPOSED to cheer your team on. Apparently, there's a dignified way to go about doing this no one's told me about yet. Folks who just sit there like bumps on a log completely mystify me.