Saturday, August 20, 2011

Resolution Update

The Co-Defendants and I were up bright and early this morning and, as threatened, I forced them to perform strenuous feats of manual labor...for all of about 45 minutes.  The dishwasher was unloaded and most of the house had been cleaned by the time Hubby staggered from the bedroom.  Being a generous lot, we saved the bathroom clean-up for him (smile). 

Which left the rest of the day for the kids to veg out in front of the TV or attach themselves to a DS (bad mom! badbadbadmom!) and left me time to sew the binding on these lap/crib-sized quilts...

My (only) New Year's Resolution was to complete one charity quilt per month for 2011...the quilts above make numbers 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14.    YESSSS!!


  1. haha!! Good for you for making them do work around the house !!

  2. I agree, great job on the quilts! Yessssssssss

  3. So, ladies...

    When are ya'll gonna come over and help me tack down the binding on these babies?


  4. Your kids are adorable, such perfect little angels, I don't know what you have been complaining about.. LOL, only joking..
    Congratulations on all of your finished quilts, a lot more accomplished than I have been.

  5. Renee, I think I've been quilting so much to keep from going stark raving mad--they. are. driving. me. insane! They've each reached their own individual backtalking/smack talking/general overall oneriness age...they'd make the pope cuss, I kid you not! And don't tell me you haven't been doing the quilting thing; I've seen all those designs, girl! Wish I were talented enough to draft my own patterns :(