Tuesday, August 16, 2011

In The Works

With the kids starting back to school on Thursday, most of my free time (yes, I know...moms get free time?  You may stop laughing now) has been devoted to filling out paperwork, attending orientation (no, I do not want to be a room mom), writing checks big enough to make the pen weep and generally combating whatever anxiety I may be feeling over how the year will progress.  Which reminds me, my Xanax is ready for pickup at the pharmacy...

Here's a corner shot of what I hope my entire quilt from the Crazy Mom quilt-along will turn out to look like.

I laid out the little demo for Hubby and asked him what he thought.  After picking his lower jaw up off the floor (I can't believe it...you actually asked for my opinion?  Did I marry myself a comedian, or what?) he said he liked it...not 'it's fine', which is his typical response, but 'I like it'.  Now, it was my turn to pick myself up off the floor.

The rest of the pictures are for a remembrance quilt I'm making for a local lady...

It'll have two more sets of the tan/blue strips and another two rows of horses.  I'm thinking the tan for a border or this...

...or maybe both.

The back will be pieced from 2 or 3 of these fabrics...

...but, I'll definitely use the Army fabric.

Happy quilting, ya'll!

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  1. This quilt is going to be wonderful. I'm happy you enjoyed making it. It's wonderful that you are making a memory quilt for someone. That is so special. I go for the Army fabrics being that I'm a wife of retired Army Officer.