Saturday, August 6, 2011

Quilt Shop Hoppin'

I've always known I married the best guy ev-er.  Not only did Hubby book, plan, map out and drive our entire vacation, but he planned our route around several area quilt shops.  No, I won't share him.  And no, he doesn't have any brothers.  It sucks to be you!  I'm so terribly sorry you're missing out on all his hunky charm and uncomplaining willingness to sit in an idling truck for hours on end, but we must all play the hand we're dealt.

I am utterly spoiled, because the man took me 'round to six, that's SIX, quilt shops.  They are Beefore It's a Quilt in Port Lavaca; Golden Needles and Quilts in Rockport; Heirloom Elegance and The Quilt Cottage, both in Corpus Christi; Quilters Patch in Victoria; and All Around the Block Quilt Shop in Giddings. 

Now, my children judge a quilt shop's worthiness by whether or not they have a kids' area so, I'm sorry to say, most of the shops failed miserably.  Thank goodness then, that I judge based on staff friendliness and whether I can feel my latent ADHD kick into overdrive and submit to the overwhelming 'look here, look there, look everywhere all at once' that comes from sensory overload.  Exactly how many bolts of fabric can you fit into one quilt shop?  The world may never know...but it's sure as heck a lotta fun to try and figure out!

Thank you to each shop for making my credit card moan like Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally (YES, YES, YES!).  I never realized that little plastic card was so slutty!!

Golden Needles and Quilts was having a fat quarter sale and I got a free fat quarter for spending $25...can you say yummy camping guy fabric?  I'd unfold it and let you drool, but you can go buy your own damn hotties, thank you very much!  I didn't catch the lady's name, but she was very nice, didn't hover and checked back every once in a while to see how my purchases were stacking up.  There was room after room of fabric fabulousness...stop by if you're down thataway. 

This bountiful bundle came from Quilters Patch The shop was filled with cheerful ladies who were very helpful, but not hovering which drives me bonkers, and frankly, I don't need a chauffer to get me to Insanity.  I like a shop where they take the occasional 'pulse check' know...are you doing okay, can I help you with anything and then let you go on fawning and fondling to your heart's content.

After my husband took those l-o-v-e-l-y shots of me in my bathing suit, I couldn't pass up this fabric panel which made me see my motherly physique in a whole new light.  I can't decide if I'm the pear or the pineapple.  Melons, anyone?

Here's an inside shot of Quilters Patch...many thanks to owners Karen Leach and Sherry Ware for giving me permission to take a photo.

And last, but certainly not least, is this heavenly haul from Heirloom EleganceI swear I know the owner from somewhere, but considering I can't remember my own kids' names half the time, I can't even begin to say where I know her from.  Paige spied the bag pattern and just had to have it made up with the pirate fabric.  I hope to have it done by the time she graduates from high school.

I've listed links for the shops I featured above.  I'm sure they'd love to see you come through the door!

Happy quilting, ya'll!



  1. Awesome!! Yes, I'd say your hubby is a keeper! That was so sweet of him to plan quilt shop stops along the way!! Nice photo of the two of you . You are going to be a busy lady with all your quilting booty! Love the panel with the ladies-- not sure which fruit I am exactly, but it would have to have some dimples for the cellulite! Enjoy all your new purchases!

  2. That was pretty awesome of your hubby to plan the stops at quilt shops! When my hubby and I go on road trips it's usually a compromise of a few junk shop stops to a quilt shop stop, but I'm OK with that-something is better than nothing. I'm LOVING the little teaser of your hunks fabric :) I just completed a quilt with some long legged, busty ladies on for my husband to have on the road in the truck with him, I told him I was going to find me some handsome men to sew up next for myself! I also love the sense of humor of the designer of the laides w/fruit fabric. I've walked by those prints at our local quilt shop a few times and smile every time and have considered purchasing some myself b/c they are too funny! But I think I will hold out for some handsome hunks! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Samantha, I made Hubby a hot-rod quilt and the backing is 1940s pinup girls. What's funny is, the man HATES to set foot in a quilt shop, but that day he happened to go in with me and spied the girls...'I want THAT' he said. Cue the eyeball roll here! As for the hunky camping man fabric, my Mom and I both have pillowcases made from hunky cowboys and I have sleep pants with hunky firemen. Pillow and pants only come out when I go to quilt retreat...I tell everyone it's my chance to be slutty and sleep with a bunch of different men all weekend!