Saturday, August 13, 2011

Finished! Well, Almost...

I have f i n a l l y finished the blocks for my baby-sized quilt top as part of the Crazy Mom Quilt-Along.  I am really pleased with Amanda Jean's directions, which are clear and easy to follow and her suggestion of using an extremely small stitch length to help the strips snug up together nicely.  Her quilt didn't have sashing or borders, but I'm seriously contemplating them for mine.  Yes, I said mine...m-i-n-e! MINEMINEMINE!  My daughter's already asked if she can have it....MINE! MINE! MINE!  This should be a statement she understands clearly as it's a favorite of hers.

Anyway, here's what I've got to work with...

I'm thinking black for both sashing and inner border and finishing it off with a border of the leftover solids  featured in the blocks.  I shall ponder my options....

Okay, I've pondered and that's how it'll be...well, that's the easiest decision I've made all day.  Now, my pillow is calling me.  Goodnight!



  1. very petty! I love it!!
    I need to get back in the sewing mood .We are doing alot around the house and I just can't get myself started!!!

  2. Betty, I wouldn't let myself quit until they were done! Just a few more stitches and a little more pressing..for a minute, I thought they were multiplying when I wasn't looking!

  3. I love them!! Still have not started mine as
    I had decided to take part in quilt challenge that our local quilt shop was having for our county fair (which mind you, I decided to take part in it a week before it was due). So the quilt-a-long was put aside once again.

    I did think of you today though, or should I say a fabric you shared that your purchased-your fruity ladies!!! When my Mom and I went to turn in our projects at the quilt shop, they had fabric in light blues and light pinks with martini glasses and normal sized ladies in bikinis with lots of witty sayings on as well-the only one I can remember is "Muffintini". I may have to pass up my handsome hunks for a while and make something out of those ladies because they were hilarious!

  4. Thanks, SamanthaK! I put up some black strips just to see what it would look like with sashing and then the leftovers for the outer border. It's not bad, if I do say so myself. My husband agreed....after he recovered from me asking his opinion. I don't know why he was so surprised since I do that all the time...maybe it's because I actually listened this time LOL!