Saturday, January 21, 2012

Doing the Quilt Crawl

Mom and I took off this morning to enjoy a workshop and quilt exhibits as part of The Great Bell County Quilt Crawl

I don't know about you, but I hear the word 'workshop' and my eyes tend to glaze over and it's tune-out time because the very word brings to mind a dry, interminably long lecture while perched on an impossibly hard chair.  At this workshop, we all learned how to make know, the little circles made of gathered fabric, not the bozos we date until we find Mr. Right.  Dr. Barnes also showed us how to make a folded variety which was kind of neat, too.  Each lady was given a kit with precut fabric circles, a threaded/knotted needle, small spool of thread and several completed examples of yo-yos...all for free!  What fun!!  Dr. B. suggested this would be a perfect project for sitting in front of the TV while hubby is watching a boring program.  Does she know my husband or what?!  This weekend happens to be Barrett-Jackson weekend and we're all bored to tears (except him, of course).   

The ladies showed off what you can actually do with these things...after all, I'm not making an entire quilt out of them.  Sorry for the blurry picture...there's a pinecone on the left, a pumpkin front and center and a turkey in the back.

Again, it's blurry, but I'm holding the turkey in my hand.  They made a clown, Christmas tree, brooches, many different items.  They also covered Valentine candy boxes in white yo-yos which my Mom thought would make a cute ringbearer's pillow for a wedding.

We saw so many beautiful quilts...

Lone Star of Texas or Bethlehem Star

The colors of the applique pieces come from dye made from nutshells and lily blooms


Pickle Dish...looks like a Double Wedding Ring only it has 'spikes' in the rings rather than squares

Then there were the quilts that showed the quilter's good 'ol sense of resoursefulness.  Run out of a certain shade of fabric?  No problem...just improvise.

The Crazy Quilts were spectacular...and someone out there had a quirky sense of humor!

This block says 'Wet or Dry...A Friend Am I'

They even had one from 1845.  Naturally, being a blonde, I neglected to get a picture of the entire thing.  Nope, I just honed in on the quilting.  We learned that the darker colors were generally cooked up in iron pots which, after so many years, begins to weaken the threads themselves.  The colors are still vibrant and the quilting!  This one featured three different quilting motifs...feathers(?), pineapple and wreath.

Like pictorial type quilts?  Then these are for you...

My Mom, who's never met a stranger, made the acquaintance of a quilt-restorer/historian who offered to do appraisals and an 'in-home' demonstration of restoration techniques for her and our quilting bee group.  Cool!  Ever heard the expression 'talked my ear off'?  Yep, that was the two of 'em!

We both had a blast and I hope you've enjoyed the pictures.

Happy quilting, y'all!

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  1. Thanks for all the wonderful pictures. I can see why you and your Mom had a great time. In the corner of one of the pictures, I see yo yo dolls. We had those to play with when I was little.