Thursday, January 19, 2012

Christmas in January!

My Louisiana neighbor and quilting pal, Betty P, recently let me know she had some leftover Christmas fabric in need of a home...was I interested? 

Was I interested?  Is a hog's butt ham?  Heck yeah!  So imagine my delight at finding this in my mailbox this afternoon.  I've always thought it was rather amazing that something good arrives in the mail when you need it most and today was no exception.

My daughter squealed Clothes!! while my son, noting that the package was squishy, pronounced straight-faced It's a squid.  Frankly, I don't get excited over either one.  Fabric on the other hand, now that's another matter altogether.

I restrained myself and didn't rip the package apart trying to get it open...mainly because I opened it in my front yard (for the photo op, of course) and it wouldn't look good for the neighbors to find out what a nut job I am.  I'll leave it to my children to warn the world.

Is this an awesome group of fabric or what?

There was also this bag of precut shapes...not sure what Miss Betty was up to with these but there's a significant amount of curved pieces in there.  They, too, have found a happy home...or at least a quilter wacky enough to give 'em a go!  Now, what to do with them?  Hmmm...

Yay me and many thanks to Miss Betty for her generosity!  And lest anyone asks What about your fabric diet? may I just say gifts and freebies don't count!  Nyahnyahnyah!!!

Thanks, really brightened my day.


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