Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Blessings

My daughter once asked me if we were rich, but quickly added 'I guess we aren't, 'cause you don't even drive a minivan'.  Funny how they think, isn't it?  It got me to thinking, though...what is rich?

Rich to me means....

Hubby and I have a job

We're all healthy...maternal insanity notwithstanding

We have free time to be together or to enjoy our hobbies

We have each other

And God has each of us in the palm of His matter what I may think, He's got it covered

Are you rich?  I am.

Happy Thanksgiving from Texas!


  1. This is so very true!! Yes, I am RICH too!!
    Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!

  2. What a lovely post :0) Have a wonderful thanksgiving!

  3. You are very rich!

    I have always been rich, too. I was even rich back in the days we lived in a 25 year old 12'x50' trailer with two kids and my husband lost his job.

    I am thankful every day for those riches in my life.