Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday For Quilters

While hundreds camp out to be first in line on Black Friday for whatever the season's 'must have' item is, I'm not cranking my happy self outta bed for anything but fabric. 

JoAnn's had flannel for $1.49/yd...and I had a 25% coupon off my total.  Yep, that'll get me outta bed! 

So, Co Def #2 and my Mom accompanied me, with my assurances that 'It won't be bad at all.  It was DEAD the last time I went'.  Yeah, that 'last time' was seven years ago.  There was a freakin' 6 a.m.!  No telling what time these women started lining up.  Didn't they have to be at The Gap or Academy?  Wasn't the American Girl Store calling their names?  Whaddya doing here for Pete's sake?  Apparently, those less crafty folks were after the $99 Christmas trees.  The rest of us were there for the flannel.  Do you know people get cranky over cheap flannel, y'all? 

Here's what I got..after I arm-wrestled a little old lady for it.  Just kidding ((wink))!

All that flannel for quilt backing.  And yes, I bought an entire bolt of the stripe.  It was $1.49/yd!! 

I did pick up these two patterns and a couple of spools of thread.  I know, all that fabric and just TWO spools of thread?  Someone scarfed most of the neutral threads, so I had to make do ((shrugs)).

Personally, I had a good time.  With the exception of one woman who must've flown in on her broom, most ladies were really civilized...chatty, personable, a little exhilirated from all the good deals they'd scored.  Me, I was just happy to get cheap flannel.  And not shed any blood.

Happy quilting, y'all!


  1. LOL...I actually recognize some of the women from years past when we show up for flannel. There is a lady and her husband that always buy around 500 yards for their church. They make diapers to send to a mission somewhere but I don't recall where. She recognizes me, too. She will "watch" my stuff so I don't have to move it if I remember something I need.

    I had to work this year. SIL and MIL went for me. I wanted batting. My SIL said it went perfect. My MIL got a number, she got the batting and their wait was not bad at all.

    I have a ton of flannel because I have this inexplicable love of it. I grounded myself from buying it after last year!

    Glad you had a good time and got some bargains.

  2. My wacky Mom went back later in the afternoon! I can. not. believe. it!

    I got a GREAT deal on batting from JoAnn's several years ago...queen size batts for $10. I'm still working on THAT stash!

    And I got all the lovelies from today folded and put away on the shelves.

  3. I go through a LOT of batting. As a truly Evil MIL I provide it for my DILs. I also sell it to my sister at what I paid for it. Works out well for her because she lives in a mobile home and has no storage. She still gets the sell price by buying mine.

    MY SIL got me 22 yards yesterday. A few weeks ago I bought 4 of the queen size just in case I didn't get this. They aren't long enough for some of my projects, though. But the price was right. I think I ended up paying $11.25 for each of them.

  4. I just finished catching up on 10 of your blogs. I liked this trip to Joanne's the best. You did great.
    Fondly, Etty

  5. {{GASP!}} You're right, 10 posts in 3 weeks! At first I thought you were joking. Do you think that means I spend too much time online? Glad you liked the post, though. In another 7 years I'll be ready to go back and do Black Friday again.

  6. I went in the mid afternoon to JoAnns to score some cheap flannel---it was much more peaceful than being there early in the morning. I didn't even have to wait in line to get it cut and there was still plenty to choose from. I put flannel on the backs of all of my quilts, so this is when I like to try to stock up for a few quilts for the year!