Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I Am A Quilter

Jennifer at gave a shout-out to all quilters to challenge the stereotypes many non-quilters have about us.  So, here's my two cents worth...

I'm 37 years old and I,too, am a quilter.  I found quilting when I was pregnant with Co-Defendant #2 and had a stash of fat quarters and absolutely no clue what to do with them.  I was planning to use them to cover mini-photo albums...what a waste of fabric that would've been!  For the record, I can also embroider and cross-stitch if the occasion calls for it, which thankfully hasn't happened in a loooongg time.

I'm puzzled by the shocked expressions most people give me when they find out I quilt.  It's not like I bite the head off a kitten or something, geez!  And, no, I don't have silvery hair (my hairdresser says they're highlights) and, yes, my teeth are my own.  Where's it written you have to reach a certain age to be creative?  I gave birth for the first time at 25...I'd say that's pretty darn creative!

Why do non-quilters assume only, ahem, older women quilt?  And why assume only women quilt?  I've been to retreats where there's at least one fellow.  People certainly come up with some interesting assumptions, don't they?  Oh, well, their loss.  Stick around long enough and I'll even show you my tattoos.  Heehee!  I got my first tattoo while on a quilt retreat.  Who says quilters are fuddy-duddies?

Me and Co-Defendant #2

Here's my Top Seven Reasons Why I Quilt:

* It's a happy talent the Lord gifted to me and I try not to waste it.

* Busy hands mean I can't strangle you if you tick me off...not to mention that homicide's illegal.

* I have physical evidence that I can follow directions.

* I get to slash things with sharp blades...and it's LEGAL!

* If I mess around long enough, Hubby will make dinner, or at least, go pick it up.

* The Sewing Area is a Child-Free Zone.

* I had free time and apparently, disposable was either quilt or join the PTA.

Here's the link to Jennifer at Sewhooked:

Happy quilting, y'all!


  1. Love it!!! I'm 26 and get looked at funny by people of all ages when they find out I quilt! What can I say--It's the only way I can be creative and beings I typically do not follow patterns, no one can tell me how to do my work!!

  2. I know I am a week late about this. I am just catching up. I have been reading on my husband's "smart" phone.

    Anyway....I probably seem ancient to you and it might seem appropriate I quilt. But my DIL is a 27 year old resident. You ought to hear some of the things people say to HER when they find out she quilts.

    I freely admit her Evil Mother-in-Law got her started a few years ago. I told her from the beginning, "This is supposed to be a hobby that feeds your creative side and helps you relax. If it doesn't, STOP!" (I save my evilness for other moments.) She loves it.

    My VERY modern, super smart, young DIL the doctor is a quilter, too.

    So, then being a true EMiL, I somehow sent a subliminal message to DIL#2 that she must learn, too. I think she was 23 at the time. She was staying with us for a few months and asked if I would help her make a quilt for her grandma. I think she is up to 5 or six baby quilts now. She loves it, too. I even bought her a used sewing machine a few months ago.

    Quilting is for creative people not old people.

    Btw, my DILs do call me EMiL

  3. Mary, I totally agree that quilting is meant to be fun, not stressful. I make myself walk away if I reach the 'freak out' point.

    I don't know why most non-quilters associate quilting with a certain age bracket. I guess before I started, I thought the same thing. Maybe it's because they're NOT creative or they think only the young can be 'artsy' and don't see quilting really is art.

    I thought Jennifer's musing on the whole thing was pretty interesting, though.