Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Good things from bad

When bad things happen to good people, I'm always seized by the desire to "do something".  Generally, I never know what that something is but it usually involves thoughts of retribution.  The events of last Friday in Itamar is one of those evil things.  What kind of animal sneaks into a home and slaughters the occupants, three of whom are children without a thought of their humanity and then slinks back to wherever they came from to celebrate?  That family's been on my mind and the "what to do" thought is always there. 

Yesterday, I went to a local park to walk before going to pick up my children from school.  I'd managed three laps (yes, I'm desperately out of shape) and just wanted to quit when, I believe, the Lord spoke to me. I'm fairly sure He does this quite often, but as I am a "child" of God I don't always listen.  I firmly believe He suggested walking 5 laps, just 5 laps, one for each of those people killed.  So, I did.  As I made the 5th lap, I thought why not do what Joshua and the Israelites did at Jericho?  Please don't ask me to remember how many times, how many days they walked around that walled city, but it was alot...way more than I managed on Monday.  But you know what, they believed in God and in what He'd told them to do and they did it.  In the end, the walls of Jericho came down.  So that's what I did.  I walked my 5 measly laps in one direction, then did another 5 in the opposite direction...and I sang the whole time I did it.  I'll confess here that they weren't religious songs, but I sang anyway. 

In the end, I did something.  I listened to God when He spoke to me; I lifted up that family to Him in my thoughts; I finished my walk.  It's nothing compared to the great, wondrous things He does, but I did what I could.  And then I picked up my children and hugged them.


  1. I know how you feel. I too feel I must do something. I will light 5 extra candles this Shabbos and try to do 5 extra good deeds with the Fogel family in mind.
    Thanks for caring.

  2. We were so inspired that we reference this beautiful post on Quilting Corner. By the way, Joshua went around 7 times so you did three more than him and the group (we're impressed).

  3. Etty,
    Thanks very much for your reference to my blog on your blog. And Joshua may have circled only 7 times, but I bet it was alot farther around for him and his shoes weren't as supportive as mine LOL! Blessings to you and the ladies!