Monday, March 7, 2011 (aka Spring Break week)

It's Spring Break week for my kids and, in an effort to preserve the peace (and my sanity, at least what's left of it) I sat down and made a list of all the stuff we're going to do.  Mind you, I've NEVER taken off to be with them, just me, for an ENTIRE week...I may not make it folks!  My Mom gets my quilting stash if things don't turn out well!!

Monday, we organized both kids' rooms (I do so love a label maker) and....

we're going to CAMP OUT IN THE BACKYARD!

Now, Texas weather can be a thing of beauty, but generally speaking you never know what you're gonna get.  The saying goes "If you don't like the weather, wait 10 minutes and it'll change".  My kids are, oh, so ecstatic.   Me, I'm no nature lover.  Here's hoping for the best.

Fast-forward to TUESDAY morning:

We made it!  The wind HOWLED all night and for a while there I didn't think my daughter would stick it out.  It started raining sometime early, thankfully NOT a downpour; we stayed dry and cozy.  

Tuesday's been humid here in Central Texas, but the weather cleared up enough for us to head to Cameron Park Zoo this morning.
At the new Asian Forest exhibit
I won't bore you with animal photos...I can hear you cheering :)  although there's tons of new stuff to see.  The kids really enjoyed the expanded Asian exhibit with orangutans and a komodo dragon and the meerkat exhibit is always a favorite.  Tomorrow is movie day...Rango, here we come!

It's Wednesday, and we just got back from seeing the movie Rango.  The kids loved it!  I discovered a few things during the movie that I thought I'd share:
                                          1) This is NOT a kids movie.
                                          2) Children under age 4 should be muzzled while at the movies.
                                          3) Rango sucked and had me wishing for an
                                               arsenic cocktail.           
                                          4) My son does not wash under his armpits.
Post-movie, we made a detour to our local WalMart for heavy duty deoderant and "manly" shower gel.  He passed the sniff test...I consider this proof of God's sense of humor that I would HAVE to smell his pits and His infinite mercy because I didn't die while doing it.        

Thursday and my patience is wearing a little thin...not to mention that Mommy forgot to give kid #1 their morning medicine so "hyper" is the story of the day.  After a quick trip to town, we spent the remainder of the day at home doing art projects and making cookies for the local police department.

Rolling the dough in sprinkles
2 dozen each:  sugar cookies with sprinkles and chocolate chip

I've nothing witty to write today as I am utterly exhausted...not even my nap seemed to do much good.  Giving up soda and coffee for Lent may not have been such a hot idea.  Who knew 24/7 with these too was such hard work? 

Well, this is it...Friday morning, the last day of Spring Break.  It's 10:30am and us girls are still in our pjs while Seth snoozes the day away in bed.  So much for wrapping up vacation with a BANG!!  I'm not sure I'm excited it's over or sad I don't have more time off with them.  Yesterday, I was ready to pull my hair out; they were driving me crazy.  Today, I think "Just one more day" fast they're growing up.  On the positive side, that means I've succeeded so far...I haven't killed 'em yet!  Which is good, because frankly I wouldn't look good in an orange jumpsuit!! 

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