Sunday, March 6, 2011

Retreat Recovery

I am absolutely exhausted, but had the best time this weekend as my Mom hosted her first-ever quilt retreat at her home.  My Aunt Doris came down from the Dallas area and my good friend Linda joined us in Mom's converted 2-car garage for quilting, food, more quilting and very little sleep.  And also a smidgen of knitting!

Friday night...and they started the party without me!

My mom completed 18 fleece blankets and 2 baby quilts.

She and my Aunt were still sewing away when I left Sunday afternoon.

Here's our group:

My Mom, Janet

My Aunt Doris

My friend, Linda

My Aunt worked on an awesome circular, paper-pieced project (which I didn't get a picture of) and this project, made from homespun fabrics...

I stood at the short-arm machine Friday night and all day Saturday and managed to get seven tops quilted with another five to go. 

We also had a retreat Mom's beagle mix, Chloe

We had so much fun this muscles are sore, my eyes feel like they're full of sand and I could probably load the quilting machine in my sleep, but it was a blast!  And I don't know who was more excited to see me when I got home: my husband, the kids or the dog....which means I should do this more often!!

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  1. Just wonderful and what great fun. You have such a young Mom! You are fortunate to have a Mom that shares the quilting passion with you. My Mom was a talented dressmaker and never taught me to sew. I had to learn on my own,
    Fondly, Etty