Wednesday, March 21, 2012

WiP Wednesday

It's been slow going, but there's progress on Co-Defendant #1's airplane quilt.  Picture me doing Snoopy's happy dance.  The main bulk of it (all those damn darling paper-pieced planes) has been completed along with the red sashing and the first of four, yes I said four, borders.  I've been working on picking off the paper backing, which is almost as fun as watching car bumpers rust, and even got a little help from #2.

This is her 'Don't take my picture' face

The next border will be made up of leftover plane blocks (more paper picking...yay!) alternating with cloud fabric.  I'll be orienting the blocks so they look to be circling the quilt.

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Happy quilting, y'all!


  1. Very sweet quilt! It will be a masterpiece when you are finished.

  2. Lovely airplanes! Great quilt for a little boy. But paper piecing... Wow great work

  3. This is simply wonderful. Would have been great in my youngest son's airplane room 16 years ago. Be sure to hang on to it. I sold the much simpler one I made for his room!