Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Break Here We Come!

My grandmother had a poem on her refrigerator that went like this...

Spring has sprung,
The grass has 'ris.
I wonder where
The flowers is?

Guess you have to be a redneck to appreciate the grammer, but I always liked it. 

Spring is definitely making itself felt here and while the rain has cleared out, it's left our backyard nice and swampy...which means no Spring Break camping for Mom and the Co-Defendants...double YAY BOO!  But the good Lord has blessed us with wonderful sunshine and warmer temperatures so we aren't complaining.  Well, Mom's not.

Dear Hubby will be off work a few days to be with us this week and we have exciting things planned, but nothing like last year...what was I thinking!  My folks are taking the Co-Defs on a train ride and I'll have a few hours to myself.  I'll try to cope.  Really, I will.  Heehee!!  I'm NOT jumping up and down and doing my happy dance.

#1 has already abandoned his sister and I to spend the day model-railroading with know, we girls just aren't cool.  #2 helped me measure all the quilt tops I've completed so far this year.  EGAD!!  Do I ever need to get a move-on and get those babies quilted!

She's modeling the 36-patch quilt-along top I completed waaaay back.  Check out Amanda Jean's site Crazy Mom Quilts for all the details.

Happy Spring quilting, y'all!


  1. Lucky, lucky you! I remember the last spring I spent in Texas, in 1980, the year I entered the Air Force. It was gorgeous and I started tanning in March and didn't stop until October. This was also the last time I had a tan. I'm glad you get time to sew and play with Number 2 some. It's good to have girl time.

  2. I am glad it cleared for spring break. It has warmed here in Indiana but is supposed to rain. Hopefully Texas will be dry. I need the break!

    I really like your 36 patch. I wanted to do it. I tried to do it. But I hated it. So, I stopped. I think I have 5 of them done somewhere.

    Enjoy spring break. It won't be long before the kids are gone and there is not spring break. It is just spring.

  3. Okay this is too funny! I know another verse or version of this poem. It says Spring is sprung The grass is 'ris, But where the little birdie is? Back in the day we thought somebody local had made it up but apparently not! LOL