Friday, January 13, 2012

The Co-Defendants

My Fridays off are usually reserved for some serious one-on-one time with my Featherweight.  Today however has been spent huddled under a blanket...let's just say I feel icky and skip the details.  So, I spent my day channel flipping between episodes of 'Lockdown' and 'Gangland'...who knew the U.S. was filled with so many nefarious folks and thugs.

Anyway, I took this photo of the Co-Defendants a few days ago and wanted to share with anyone who stumbles onto my blog to know for now and all time that yes, my kids do occasionally get along and despite appearances to the contrary actually love one another.  Peace between these two tends to come under the heading of 'little to none', so if I can capture it for posterity, you better bet I'll be all over it.

Number 2 seems to be thinking quite a bit about her brother heading off to make his way in the world and leaving her here with The Parents...oh, the horror of it all!  Why this is even occurring to her at this point is kind of curious because Number 1 is only twelve!  At any rate, she's a tad territorial shall we say when it comes to her big brother.  I feel really sorry for his first girlfriend...or any of his girlfriends for that matter.  Geez, I'm betting having her for a sister-in-law will be worse than the dreaded mother-in-law...'cause after all, I'm a peach!!

On a side note, please pray for the quick recovery of Susan's husband as he recovers from a nasty automobile accident. 

Happy quilting, y'all!   

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