Friday, January 27, 2012

Birthday Present...Done!

I confessed on Wednesday that I haven't been in much of a quilting mood lately.  Not sure if it's the crazy weather or the fact that I was in the process of coming down with a nasty cold.  All of which is to say I haven't gotten a whole lot done.  Last night, after it became apparent that my cold was now full-blown, Co-Def #2 decided she was going to take care of me: she propped me up on the sofa with a quilt, pillow and her favorite stuffed animal and proceeded to make me dinner.  Mind you, she's seven, so the make-mommy-feel-better-meal consisted of a diet soda (which she solemnly informed me killed her nails to open), dry ham sandwich and cheetos.  I couldn't taste a thing, but she sat beside me and rubbed my back and patted me and somehow I felt just a bit better.

So, this evening she has a birthday party to attend and I wasn't in any mood to buy yet another Barbie or My Pretty Pony.  And I just hate that I wind up spending almost as much on the gift wrap as I do the gift aggravating!  Amanda Jean at crazymomquilts had blogged about a pillow she'd made for a birthday party her daughter was attending.  What a cool idea...I have fabric, I can sew, looks pretty easy, and I won't have to leave the house to get it done. 

CONFESSION TIME:  Amanda Jean, I apologize profusely for stealing your awesomely awesome gift idea.  I should probably feel a little guilty, but it turned out so cute and my daughter's gushed over how much her friend will love it so I hope you're going to be supremely flattered rather than exceptionally put out that I copied you!

I found the tutorial on YouTube (where else?) from The Crafty Gemini.  The lady gave really good, clear instructions through the eight minute long video.  I embroidered the little girl's name by hand since my Featherweight doesn't do anything beyond a good old straight stitch.  It went together very quickly and I think it turned out really cute!  Crossing my fingers in hopes that she likes it.

I'm linking up to finish it up Friday with Amanda Jean at crazymomquilts.

Happy quilting, y'all!


  1. I understand your frustration on the wrapping costing as much as the gifts. Thus my refusal to buy any at any place other than the Dollar Tree or the Christmas Tree Shop, cheaper place. I am finding that pillows are great last minutes gifts. Good job on yours, especially since you are sick. I think she will like it very much.

  2. Very cute! When I was young I was invited to a birthday party. We couldn't afford a gift. My mother raided her stash (double knit back in the day) and made a jumper and put a popsicle on the front of it. The other girls wanted parties so that they could have one!

    You have probably started a trend now!

    Totally agree about wrapping. Our family recylces bags all the time now. I have even made some out of fabric. They can be reused by the recepient if fabrics are appropriate.

  3. What a great idea for a little girl's birthday present! I was thinking of doing a crayon-and-pad kind of thing, but the pillow is so sweet-- I might have to use the idea, too. How did the friend like it? Your daughter is so sweet to take care of you-- I had a cough and cold this week, too (lost my voice on Wed.)
    Hope you are all better now!

  4. This turned out great! After her friends see this, your daughter may be invited to lots of parties in the future:)