Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Placemats WIP

I recently posed this question to a group of FB quilting friends:

Do people really use placemats anymore?

My only reply was from a friend and fellow blogger directing me to Google to look up various sizes of placemats to make (that was the second part of my burning question).  Other than her reply, nothing.  I don't know if people use them anymore or not, but I like them.  Plus, I had an abundance of mini-blocks crying out for a project.

I love the retina-scarring shade of pink polka dot fabric and the screaming green.  I'm fairly certain they don't whisper 'slow down and enjoy your veggies' so much as they screech 'eat more hot dog...faster, faster'.  Oh well, I have the best of intentions.

I chose some funky food related fat quarters for backing...

I like 'em!  Sure, as I gaze upon them now, it's a little jarring but let's face facts: my family practically inhales dinner so they won't be sticking around too long to be totally blinded.  And I have plenty of sunglasses.

I did manage to finish something since last week...yeah, me!  My Halloween table topper is finally finished and safely tucked away for me to forget about its existence use next year.

I'm linking to WIP Wednesday at freshly pieced.

Happy quilting, y'all!


  1. Your Halloween table topper is really cute! Don't feel bad, I have a Halloween spiderweb block hanging on my design wall - right next to a bunch of blocks for two Christmas table runners, and then an unfinished spring watermelon runner from last year. My only excuse is that since I live in Southern California, we don't have seasons. So there.

  2. I made placemats for my daughter this Christmas and she loved them. Come to think of it, I should make some for myself! (I have that same pink polkadot fabric :-) ) Jodi B.