Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thursday Tidbits

Today's a day of celebration in our house.

It's our 15th wedding anniversary!  Add almost 5 years of dating and you come up with 20 years of driving one another to the brink and back again.  Whohoo, that lucky devil!  Here's what DH sent me today...

I've told the man over and over and over not to send me flowers.  So glad he didn't listen!  He won't remember that these are the same color I carried in my bouquet but it's certainly a nice coincidence.

Our daughter has finally decided that she is a girl.  Oh, sweet hallelujah!  She's asking for dresses and skirts...oh, my!  And look at what she picked up at the grocery...

You won't believe the amount of crap I had to take to get this shot!  On the way home we got into a discussion about age.  She told me I've only been alive 7 years and you've only been alive for 22 Mom and that's not old.  Sigh.  I think this child is my favorite.  Actually, no my favorite child is the dog but mistaking me for 22 certainly scores you brownie points.

On a side note, the packages for my FBFs Giveaway are in the mail...hooray!  Hopefully, they'll arrive at their new homes this weekend.

Happy Thursday, y'all!


  1. Happy Anniversary! The flowers are lovely, as is the girl child.

    You are NOT old! Listen to your daughter. Some day the teenage girl may change her mind but today she is right!